I Love You Box

By piercing the recesses of their heart with an unmissable arrow, Cupid causes individuals to fall deeply in love. Inspired by this captivating goddess of love, we are delighted to have created our Valentine’s Day cookies to celebrate the tender romance and kissy-face fealty.

Slightly tart from raspberry and with a blushing pink color, we are sure your lover will be unable to resist the oh-so-adorable cuteness and deliciousness of the cookies, leaving them with no choice but to have your love melt in his/her mouth.

Cookies are handmade with natural raspberry powder and then slowly baked to achieve the perfect pink color and wonderfully crispy texture.

16 cookies per box. Cookies stay fresh for up to 6 weeks.

Ingredients: flour, butter, powdered sugar, cage-free egg, vanilla extract, salt
Storage instructions: Keep cookies at room temperature. They can stay fresh for up to 8 weeks.

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