Holiday Gift Guide (Our Favorite Vanilla Shortbread Gift Box Picks for 2022)

It is that time of year again! The holidays are just around the corner, and we all know what that means...time to start thinking about gift ideas! If you are stumped on what to get your friends and loved ones this year, look no further. We've put together a list of our favorite vanilla shortbread gift boxes that are sure to please everyone on your list. Trust us; these delicious treats will be gone before you know it!

Gifting Shortbread Cookies

What makes shortbread so unique? Shortbread is a biscuit with a base made of flour, sugar, and butter. It originates from Scotland and is often associated with Christmas and the holiday seasons. You can't go wrong with gifting shortbread because it is a popular gift choice due to the light, delicate flavor and the customization that Delight Patisserie provides to make them that much more special! Plus, who doesn't love the taste of buttery, flaky shortbread? 

Gifting shortbread cookies is an experience everyone can enjoy because it gives a pure moment of joy once unwrapped to see the meaningful message engraved. There is something special about receiving a gift that has been carefully selected for you, showing how much someone truly cares for you, especially during the holiday season. 

When you give someone a shortbread cookie, you provide them with a moment of happiness that they will remember for years. And if you order extra, you can share the cookies over a glass of red wine or coffee together!

In addition to being delicious and personalized, shortbread cookies are also an affordable option. Shortbread cookies are the perfect solution, whether on a tight budget or just looking for a way to show someone you care without spending much money. 

This holiday season, show your loved ones how much you care with a gift of delicious custom shortbread cookies from Delight Patisserie. From clients and colleagues to friends and family, there is no better way to show your care than with a batch of freshly-baked, personalized cookies. 

Holiday Cookie Collection by Delight Patisserie

There are six total boxes to choose from for the holiday boxes. These cookie boxes start only for $11.90! You can choose between a pack of 6 or 16, depending on who you are gifting them for. The type of boxes you can choose from are:

  • Happy Holidays Cookie Box (16 Cookies)
    • This delicious cookie pack includes cookies with "Happy Holidays" written across them intertwined with intricate snowflakes and stars! This cookie set is a safe option to share with acquaintances and people you work with, where you do not know what holidays they celebrate. 
    • 16 stamped cookies will be packed by a pair and placed in the beautifully designed floral gift box. The cookies stay fresh for up to 2 months at room temperature.
  •  Happy Holidays Mini Cookie Box (6 Cookies)
  •  Christmas Cookie Box (16 Cookies)
    • Delight Patisserie will happily wrap your Merry Christmas message on these melt-in-your-mouth buttery vanilla shortbread cookies for your loved ones! This gift will be one to remember for years to come and is something you can share and enjoy the moment with! With the cookie design of "Merry Xmas" and a cute reindeer leaping for joy, these sweet treats will surely bring joy to the lucky person receiving this gift! All shortbread cookies are handmade with love, using only six quality ingredients with a delightful yet not-too-sweet flavor.
  • 16 stamped cookies will be packed by pair and placed in the beautifully designed floral gift box. Cookies stay fresh for up to two months at room temperature
  • Christmas Mini Cookie Box (6 Cookies)
  • Happy Hanukkah Cookie Box (16 Cookies)
    • These adorable and delicious Happy Hanukkah shortbread cookies are the perfect gift to celebrate the festival of lights or used as party favors for the Hanukkah gathering with friends and family.
  • All shortbread cookies are handmade with love, using only six quality ingredients with a well-balanced light and buttery flavor without the overpowering sweetness! Sixteen stamped cookies will be beautifully packaged in a solid floral gift box.
  • Happy Hanukkah Mini Cookie Box (6 Cookies)

There is also the option of customizing your holiday cookies with the following selections:

  • Warm Winter Wishes
  • Merry Everything
  • Let It Snow
  • Let's Get Basted <3
  • Goggle Till You Wobble <3
  • Here For The Pie
  • Your Best Gift Is Me
  • Merry Kiss-Mass
  • Cheaper Than Therapy
  • Warmest Wishes <3 (Insert Name)

They're made with real butter and vanilla extract, so you know they're going to be insanely good. Other ingredients include flour, powdered sugar, cage-free egg, and salt. Plus, they melt in your mouth, so you can pop one (or two) without feeling guilty. They are light in calories and won't spoil your dinner! 

The delicious taste of these cookies will make anyone's day brighter. Each cookie is baked lovingly by hand to bring special memories for everyone! These sweet treats are ideal gifts because they give people a chance to reminisce about simpler times or need something special to lift their spirits during the holidays. The nostalgia that is experienced after eating just one bite lightens anyone's load tremendously. It is our belief the way to anyone's heart is through food!

The cookies are well packaged to make sure they stay fresh for two months, even though it's likely that you or your loved ones will eat them before then. Our product line is unique in the market, so when someone opens up their present on Christmas morning expecting another boring generic treat but instead finds something personalized with messages written by someone who loves them dearly with these tasty treats, then you can rest assured knowing this was the best choice for a gift!

No matter your budget, there is a vanilla shortbread gift box out there that is sure to please everyone on your list. So go ahead and treat yourself and those around you (along with your taste buds) this holiday season - you deserve it!

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